Monday, April 30, 2012


Hi Family and Friends,

How is everyone doing? Well for me I am doing great here in Phoenix, AZ teaching the Gospel and helping other Come unto Christ.  The weather was nice this week it cooled down from last week (in the mid 90's).  This week was an awesome week full of great spiritual experiences.  We got 7 new investigator's this week.  We finally met with the Thompson family of 7.  They met with the missionaries before but kept moving around and lost contact with them.  They are a very nice family with 3 daughters and 2 sons.  They loved how the church is family oriented and how they can be a family forever.  We were so happy to have met with them on Wednesday and teach them about the Gospel.  It was so great when they told us they wanted to take the lessons and become members of the church.  We explained to them about what we teach and how we help them prepare for baptism and confirmation to receive the Holy Ghost.  It feels so wonderful teaching a family how the Gospel can bless their lives. We also had a great lesson with another new investigators, Peter and his two sons Atum and Moses.  We taught them about prophets and how God called Prophets through out time until Jesus Christ came to earth.  Sandy Santana is getting baptized this Saturday.  We are so excited for her and she cannot wait to be baptized and confirmed a member of the church and receive the Holy Ghost.  On Wednesday, I was on splits with a ward missionary and I taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and how through the Atonement we can return to live with our Heavenly Father as we have Faith in Jesus Christ, Repent of our sins, be Baptized to receive a remission of our sins, receive the Holy Ghost as our companion to help us, and endure to the end.  It went really well as she was crying at the end of the lesson and I told her that is the spirit testifying to you that the Gospel is true and our Heavenly Father loves us.  Then on Thursday, we went over her baptism interview questions and she did not think she was ready to get baptized but as we went through the questions she knew them and had a awesome testimony about the Gospel.  On Saturday, we had a great ward picnic at the church full of delicious food and great games for the kids.  We had a great turnout of about 70 people.  Recent converts Shelly, Robie and our investigator Sandy had a fun time.  Sunday was a great Sabbath day, our sacrament speakers were a new couple in our ward.  They talked about the Plan of Salvation and how the Atonement of Jesus Christ is central to our Heavenly Father's plan.  Then on Sunday night we had a great lesson with Laredda on how the Gospel was restored through Joseph Smith and how we can know for ourselves by reading the Book of Mormon and praying to God to know the truth. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted to be baptized on May 19.  We were so excited the spirit is amazing.  Gotta go.  Love you all!   Take care.   My prayers are with you all.  

Love, Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

Monday, April 23, 2012


Hello Family and Friends,

How are you all doing? Well, I am doing great here in Phoenix serving the Lord and helping our brothers and sisters receive the Gospel. It is starting to get hot this past weekend - it was 104 degrees. It supposed to cool down sometime this week. I always make sure to carry lots of water and take water from anyone that offers to us when we are out. This week we had our quarterly zone interviews with President Taylor on Tuesday. It went really well meeting with him. We had a great meeting as a zone while we were having our interviews. We did skills training on our new approach when we go tracting. We offer prayers to bless them and ask our Heavenly Father for anything they may need help with. We feel like we are doing a lot better as we practice and get feedback on how we can improve from other missionaries. We also did skill training on our Baptism presentations while the person who got baptized is changing. We are trying to change it up from the usual Restoration that we usually do. We have some concerns that some investigators have and try to resolve their concerns through our presentation. It should be great to apply in future baptisms to help other investigators that attend a baptism feel the spirit more strongly and help them receive their answers that the Gospel is true. Wednesday, we had a great lesson with Robie RC(recent convert), we read the Book of Mormon with her and helped her study it. After we had a lesson with Peter Gonzales (RC) on the priesthood and the duties that come with having the priesthood. He received the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday and was so excited to be ordained a Priest. Then later that night we met with Stephanie a former investigator and taught her how families can be together forever and that her husband that pasted away last year is learning the Gospel in the Spirit World. Then we met with Peter, and his two sons (Atum and Moses) they moved here from Sudan 15 years ago. We ended the night with a Great lesson with Laredda on questions that she had with Temples and how she can receive an answer that the Gospel is true. Thursday, we had a lesson with Shelly (RC) on the Plan of Salvation. Then we did our weekly planning. Friday, we did tracting most of the day. We met some great people and got to do - 1 prayer with a lady and her son. Saturday, we had a great lesson with Oscar a former investigator from church. We transferred him to the zone leaders because he is a young single adult age. After, we had another wonderful lesson with Sandy (investigator), we watched the Restoration with her and she really liked it knowing how the Gospel was restored through Joseph Smith and how he translated the Book of Mormon. Then we did some visits. Sunday was a great Sabbath Day. Sandy came to church and had a great time. Great talks on fasting and tithing. Sunday school had a great lesson on the scriptures and how they help us return to our Heavenly Father. Well gotta go. Take Care my prayers are with you all.


Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

Monday, April 16, 2012


Hello Family and Friends,

How are you guys doing?  Well for me, I have been doing great in Phoenix sharing the gospel and helping others come unto Christ.  This week the weather was still pretty warm exept for Friday it was cold felt like winter again.  I heard this week it should be getting hotter in the 90's so I am staying hydrated.  Tuesday, we had a great lesson with Sandy on how our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and he can help us as we have faith in Jesus Christ.  Then we did some tracting but not to many people were home.  On Wednesday, we did a lot more tracting.  Then we had a lesson with Rebeca on Joseph Smith and went over her Baptism interview questions.  Thursday, we had our weekly planning and distict meeting.  Afterwards, we had a lesson with Robie - we started to read the Book of Mormon and help her understand it.  She is doing really great and is so happy she got baptized and received the Holy Ghost.  She seems so much happier with the spirit as her companion to help her through life.  After we had an amazing lesson with a new investigator Tom.  We taught him the Restoration of the Gospel and invited him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon to know that it is true.  On Friday, we had a great lesson with Sandy we read Alma 36 with her on how Alma is talking to his son about his conversion.  She really liked reading it and we invited her to pray and come to church.  Then the rest of the day we did some tracting, visited less actives, and called former investigators to see if they were interested in taking the lessons again.  We got 2 appointments from calling so it was pretty effective.  On Saturday, we visited Peter and check how he was doing.  Then we did some visits and tracting.  While tracting this guy came up to us and started yelling at us because we do not observe the sabbath day on Saturday, he was Seventh Day Adventist.  But then after we tracted a few more houses his brother talked to us for half hour and he seemed interested in learning about the Gospel and how Jesus Christ can help him through his trials.  Then we went to a baptism for the sister missionaries in our district and we wanted to bring Rebeca, but the person who was going to pick her up told her she did not want to go and she does not want to meet with us and get baptized.  It was very hard to hear that because she was so excited and she felt the Spirit testify to her that it is true.  She talked to some of her family about getting baptized and they were against it.  We were so sad but we keep praying for her and we will visit her in a few days.  Sunday was a great sabbath day.  Sandy, Tom, and Loredda came to church and they loved it.  Great talks on families and Sunday school was great for them to learn about Prophets and how we have a prophet today that speaks to God and guides us so we can return to live with him.  That was my awesome week in the mission field.  Thanks to everyone that writes to me, they keep me going in doing the Lord's work.  Take Care my prayers are with you all.
Love, Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

Monday, April 9, 2012

Baptisms are Spiritually Uplifting in Phoenix, Arizona

Hello Family and Friends,

How is everyone doing? Well, I had a wonderful week here in Phoenix - sharing the gospel and helping Heavenly Father's children come unto Christ.  Time is flying it is already April and it is starting to get hot, a few days this week it went into the 90's.  I am drinking lots of water so I do not get dehydrated.  Robie got baptized on Saturday.  The spirit was so strong.  She was so excited to make her covenants with our Heavenly Father and get baptized.  I was so honored to baptize her and see her start her new life as a follower of Jesus Christ.  I was so happy.  I baptized her on the first try, she was lighter than Peter and her legs did not come up.  It was a wonderful feeling to see her so happy and pure as she came out of the water. Rebecca and a new investigator Sandy came to the baptism and had a great time.  After the baptism, we asked Sandy how she liked it and she was very happy.  We set a date with her for may 5 and she accepted to be baptized.  Easter Sunday was an awesome day.  Robie got confirmed and she was so happy to receive the Holy Ghost as her constant companion to comfort and guide her.  Our sacrament meeting was filled with the spirit as we had wonderful talks and musicals on Jesus Christ's atonement and his resurrection so all of us can return to live with our Heavenly Father as we follow Jesus Christ's example and live the Gospel.  We had a great dinner and lesson with Rebecca at the Saulter's home. We taught Rebecca about Jesus Christ's ministry and resurrection.  We postponed her baptism to April 21 to prepare her more for her baptism.  She keeps hearing misconceptions about the church and gets doubts about getting baptized.  We keep telling her that things she is hearing is not true and to always pray to find out the truth.  On Wednesday, we had a lesson with Moambi on being baptized by the proper authority.  It is a little hard to teach him because he knows a little English and he has to translate to his family.  Moambi and his family are from Africa.  Then we had some great lessons with Robie and Rebecca.  On Thursday, we had district meeting and lessons with Robie and Rebecca.  Then we had a wonderful lesson with Loreda on the Restoration of the Gospel.  She lives next to Shelly a recent convert.  Recent converts and investigators are great people to get referrals from because they know how the gospel blesses them and have a strong desire to share it with other.  On Friday, we had a lesson with Sandy on the Plan of Salvation.  She was a referral from Robie.  Then we had a lesson with Robie on enduring till the end after she is baptized and confirmed.   That was my amazing week here in the mission field.  Hope all is well.  I love being a servant of Jesus Christ and sharing the Gospel to Heavenly Father's children.  I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do live.  Jesus Christ did atone for all of us and was resurrected so we can also be resurrected and live with Heavenly Father and our family for Eternity. My prayers are with you all.

Love, Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hola Familia y Amigos,

Como esta? Well I am doing great as usual in Phoenix, AZ.  This week was a spiritually filled week with some great lessons and an amazing general conference.  It was a spiritually uplifting weekend with great talks by the prophets and general authorities of the church.  Every speaker had wonderful messages that will help build our faith, share and live the gospel, and serve others.  Robie really enjoyed the Saturday sessions of general conference.  She came to the Stake Center to watch both sessions on Saturday and received some answers she had questions on and Rebecca also had a great time watching general conference.  She went to a members house on Saturday and watched the Sunday sessions at home.  My week was pretty busy with some great lessons and did a lot of tracting to find new investigators.  Robie had her baptism interview on Saturday after the first session and passed.  She is so excited to get baptized this Saturday, April 7.  The gospel is making a great change in her life and she feels the spirit testify to her that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves her.  Tuesday, we had a great lesson with Robie.  Then we had a lesson with Ben on the Restoration but he is comfortable with his life now and is not sure if he wants to learn more.  We testified that if he reads and prays to know if the Book of Mormon is true that he will receive an answer.  On Wednesday, I was on exchanges with Elder Alvis our zone leader in his area.  We started the day by street contacting on a busy bus transfer intersection.  So we would split up and contact people on the street and at the bus stops.  It was a pretty cool experience.  I made some great contacts and got a return appointment for the zone leaders.  Then we did some tracting at some apartments and did the prayer approach.  It went pretty well - we got to do one prayer with a guy and a few return appointments.  Then we had a great lesson with the Javier family on the Plan of Salvation.  We used some visual aids to help the kids and they loved it.  Then we had a lesson with Mike on Prophets and asked him to go to General Conference with questions he had.  On Thursday, we did our weekly planning and had district meeting.  On Friday, we had a lesson with Linda a less active member who is going through some hard times and show her how the gospel can help her.  Then we helped Robie move to a new house and went over the baptism interview questions with her.  Then we had a lesson with Rebecca on Prophets and talked to her about General Conference.  On Monday, we had great lessons with Robie and Rebecca on General Conference.  On Sunday, we asked Robie to pray about who she wanted to baptize and confirm her and when we went over on Monday she came up to me and told me "I received my answer and your was the one".  I was so honored and excited that she wanted me to baptize her this Saturday.  I am so happy we got transfer news this morning and me and Elder Bartleson is staying in our area.  I was so relieved because we got some great baptism and confirmation this Saturday and next Saturday for Rebecca.  Well that was my wonderful week until next week take care and my prayers are with you all.  I love being a missionary sharing the Gospel and helping our Heavenly Father's children return to live with him and their family for eternity.  I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us all and that Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God to lead us back to him.

Love always, 
Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral