Monday, February 27, 2012


Hola Familia Amigos,

Como Estas Todos? Well for me, I am doing great in my new area North Mountain, Northern part of Phoenix.  I was in a bit of a cultural shock when I got here.  My last area was mostly middle-upper class neighborhood.  This area is more diverse with great people and some areas that are very nice and some that are not as nice.  It definitely makes me more humble for everything I have in my life.  I am still on my bike but this area has a lot more hills which is fun going down but good exercise going up.  I am living in an apartment with my Companion Elder Bartleson and Two Spanish Speaking Elder McConnel and Elder Wheel Wright.  I am learning a little bit of Spanish from them to communicate with people that speak Spanish so I can give them a card and get there name and address to refer them to the Spanish Elders.  There is a lot more Hispanic people here in Phoenix than Peoria North.  My first house we tracked on was a lady that could not speak English and I did not know what to say so my companion knew enough Spanish to hand her a card but we still could not understand what she was asking us.  
Well my week was great.  Last Tuesday, we got a text on who was being transferred in our zone and I was one of them.  I was a bit sad and nervous but I knew the Lord needed me some place else.  We had a district activity where we went fishing and I caught a fish.  Then after our Pday at 6 pm I had my last lesson with Sheldon on commandments and said bye to him.  Then I stopped by the Romaros family that got baptized and told them bye and to stay strong in the gospel.  Then I visited the Leo family and told them bye.  Then on Wednesday, we had transfer meeting where we saw all the 8 new missionaries that came into our mission and heard their testimonies & how excited they are to serve the Lord.  Then President Taylor announced where all those that would be transferred were going and who were their new companion.  I was excited and surprised when he said I was going to North Mountain Phoenix North with Elder Bartleson my MTC Companion.  He must have felt inspired by the Lord to put two freshly trained missionaries together.  After we were off to my new area.  We had correlation where I met the Ward Mission Leader and some of the Ward Missionaries.
Thursday we had our weekly planning and district meeting.  We had a lesson with the Spivas family - less active on coming to church.  On Friday, we had a return appointment with Peter someone they found on the street & contacted him & got to know him a bit.  Then we went to see Moambi and setup a ride to church for Peter.  His family is from Africa and do not speak much English so it is kind of hard to understand him sometimes.  Then we had a lesson with Barbara on the Book of Mormon but she kept going off on some crazy story so I think we are going to stop meeting with here cause she does not seem too interested in us teaching her the Gospel.  On Saturday we mostly did some tracking.  Then we had a lesson with Dominic on the Word of Wisdom and how he will be blessed by living it in his life.  He just had a baby girl on Wednesday.  Hopefully we can teach his girlfriend the gospel and have them baptized as a family.  They have to get married before he can get baptized.  Sunday was a great sabbath day.  We had 3 investigators at church Peter, Moambi, and Terri.  They were so welcoming when they saw me.  This ward is a lot smaller than my last area with about 100 people.  There is a lot of less active members in this ward.  We try to visit some of them to encourage them to come back to church but we try to focus on finding and teaching investigators the gospel.  I am so grateful to be here on a mission serving the Lord and sharing the gospel with his children here in Phoenix, the Book of Mormon, the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ that I share so others can return to live with our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our families can live for eternity.  I am so grateful for all my family and friends and everything .  Well gotta go until next week.  Take care and my prayers are with you all.

Love Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Aloha Family and Friends,

How are you all doing?  Well for me I am doing good here in Arizona sharing the gospel and doing the Lord's work.  Well, I had a great week teaching others the gospel and helping them come closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  Tuesday was a great day I was on exchanges with Elder Vaoga in my area.  We had a great lesson with Bryan on the Word of Wisdom.  He has been struggling with alcohol for a while, so we were prompted to talk about how it can bless him by living the Word of Wisdom.  He committed to giving up alcohol but he will try to stop smoking.  We invited him to church and he said he wanted to check it out.  We told him he would feel the spirit and meet some great members that can help him.  After we visited some members but only one was home. Then we had a lesson with the Romaro's family RC reviewing the Restoration with them.  Then we had a lesson with Ben RC on the Restoration.  They are both doing great, Brother Romaro and Ben got the priesthood and are glad to take upon their responsibilities of their priesthood.  On Wednesday we had a lesson with Jeanna on scripture study and tithing.  We fasted with her on Sunday so she could find a new job and we were so glad to hear she put together a resume and applied for a job because her friend told her about.  We hope she can find a new job soon so she can fully commit herself to being baptized.  On Thursday we had a Stake Correlation Meeting with the Stake Presidency over the Missionary Work in the Stake.  Then we visited some members throughout the day.  In the evening, we had a cottage meeting at the Mission President's home on "I Am a Child of God" and how we can be blessed by praying and reading the scriptures.  We had Coryden attend that and he had a great time.  On Friday, we had my last trainer/trainee meeting on how the training program helped us as missionaries and how we can help the missionaries that are in for 6 weeks.  I am now a trained missionary, but I have so much to learn to help me become the Best Missionary I can be.  With study, experience, focus, hard work I will get there.  Then we had a great district meeting on working in unity with our companions and the Holy Ghost will help us share the gospel.  On Saturday, we had lunch with Coryden he took us to Paradise Bakery, where he works as a supervisor.  Then we had a lesson with Bryan on the Restoration, which went great.  We told him about church again and he said he wanted to come, so we will setup for a member to pick him up and bring him to church.  Sunday we had a great Sabbath Day.  We had 3 investigators come to church Sheldon(10), Bryan, and James.  We were so happy to see Bryan come to church for the first time.  He had a great time.  It was also great to see James come because he did not come since we were in the area, he has been taught since last August.  Yesterday, we had a lesson with Betty on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and set a date for her Baptism on March 24.  Then we had a lesson with Lahna Leo she is eight years old so she does not really need it but we are reviewing the lesson with her for her baptism sometime next month.  Sister Leo was from Oahu and she asked me if I could do Lahna Confirmation and I was so honored when she asked me.  Her dad Brother Leo is going to Baptize her.  I just got news that I am going to be transferred.  Tomorrow is Transfers so I will be going to a new area and getting a new companion.  I was just getting to know the people and area, but I know the Lord needs me in another area.    Please tell everyone to send letters to the mission office until I get a new address.  Well take care everyone.  

Love, Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral 

 PS:) Thank you all for the wonderful letters.  It keeps me strong in doing the Lords work of Sharing the Gospel and helping others return to live with our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our families for Eternity.  

Monday, February 13, 2012


Hi Family and Friends,

How are you guys doing?  Well for me, I am doing great here in Peoria, Arizona sharing the gospel and teaching our investigators how the gospel can bless them.  To start off my week on Tuesday, we had zone Conference where we had talks by President and Sister Taylor, and the Assistants to the Presidents Elder Bird and Henrie that lives with me.  It was a great conference on learning about the law and ordinances of the gospel.  It was great because we have recent converts that we teach lesson 5 - the law and ordinances to them after they are baptized and confirmed.  After converts are baptized we go over the lessons again with them and help them to continue to endure.  We also had great talks on the Holy Ghost and always having the spirit to guide us as we do our best to share the gospel and be obedient to the commandments and mission rules.  After zone conference we had APW correlation meeting on investigators and members we are working on to help them grow in the gospel.  Then we went on splits with a ward missionary Bro. Rantz, who baptized his brother in law and his family last month.  We taught Ben the recent convert part of the restoration, priesthood, and temple work lessons.  On Wednesday, we did some visits with less active members and potential investigators.  Then we had a lesson with Jen on Finding Faith in Christ and watched the video.  It went really well, she is learning alot about the gospel.  On Thursday, we had weekly planning, visited some members and investigators.  Then we had a lesson with Coryden, he is very cool & his friends taught him alot about the gospel so are just going over it with him and answering his questions and building his Faith.  Then we had SMW correalation where we visited some less active members and shared with them a message.  On Friday, we had another lesson with Jen on our Heavenly Fathers wonderful plan for us to return to live with him and our families forever.  We invited her to church and she came with her husband Justin (less active) they enjoyed it.  Then we visited some members and see if they knew any one interested in the gospel.  On Saturday, we visited the Sandovals and got some information about their friend that might be interested in the gospel.  Then we helped a member neighbor move their old TV so they could put their new HD TV in their living room.  Then we visited the Spezia family and shared a message with their family that was in town.  After we visited the Tagars family (LA) and invited them to church and they also came to church.  On Sunday, we had a great time in church.  We had 2 investigators come to APW and 4 came to SMW.  Great talks as always Striving to Build our Faith and Feeding our Flame with Oil to Help us Live the Gospel.  We had a great lesson with Nicole and Juliet and later in the evening with Coryden.  Well hope everyone is doing fine. Until next week take care!

Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sharing the Gospel in PEORIA thru FRIENDS....

Dear Family and Friends,
How are you all doing? Well for me I am doing great here in Arizona.  The weather is really nice and warm during the day.  Having a great time riding my bike around Peoria, sharing the gospel, and teaching to our investigators and recent converts.  The Romaro family is doing great in the church.  Brother Romaro got ordained to the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and is doing great.  Ben is also doing great in the ward and is fitting right in with the other young men in the ward.  On Tuesday, we had district meeting where we focused on getting to know our members in the wards and trying to find people that they may know who would be interested in learning about the gospel.  Then we did some visits with members.  We are trying to focus on working with members and getting referrals from family, friends, neighbors, co-worker, or any one they may know who would like to learn how the gospel can bless and help them come closer to our Heavenly Father.  Members are a great way to share the gospel and help investigators have support to help them learn the gospel and continue to help them endure after we teach them the new member lessons.  We go tracking once in a while but it is not as effective as getting great investigators through the members.  The Romaros were referred to us by brother Romaros sister and Ben was referred to us by his friend.  Then in the evening we went on splits with the ward missionaries and I taught the Romaros the new member lessons such as the laws and ordinances.  It went really well in preparing brother Romaro for the priesthood and getting them to do temple work.  On Wednesday, I was on an exchange with our zone leader Elder Cannon in my area.  We visited members, got to know them, and shared a message with them.  Then we had a lesson with the Thaxton family on reading, praying, and coming to Church.  We taught the kids all the lessons but they are not coming to church so they cannot get baptized until they come a few times.  On Thursday, I went on another exchange with Elder Lynn in our district but in his area.  We did some member visits and tracking.  On Friday, we had a lesson with a new investigator Coryden.  We got to know him and he knows a lot about the gospel.  His friends dad taught him a lot and also got him a quad.  He is doing great we had another lesson with him this morning on faith.  Then later on Friday, we did our weekly planning.  Then we had a lesson with Sis Brooks - RC (recent convert) on temple work and she was interested in learning about the temple.  After we had a lesson with the Romaros family on enduring to the end which leads towards eternal life.  On Saturday, we mostly did member visits.  Sunday we had a great fast and testimony Sabbath day.  Well that's pretty much my wonderful week in the mission field.  Jeanna is still doing great but cannot find a new job to come to church.  We got some great investigators but no one with a date yet.  Hope everyone is doing great?  My prayers are with you all. Until next week take care.

Love, Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral