Monday, April 23, 2012


Hello Family and Friends,

How are you all doing? Well, I am doing great here in Phoenix serving the Lord and helping our brothers and sisters receive the Gospel. It is starting to get hot this past weekend - it was 104 degrees. It supposed to cool down sometime this week. I always make sure to carry lots of water and take water from anyone that offers to us when we are out. This week we had our quarterly zone interviews with President Taylor on Tuesday. It went really well meeting with him. We had a great meeting as a zone while we were having our interviews. We did skills training on our new approach when we go tracting. We offer prayers to bless them and ask our Heavenly Father for anything they may need help with. We feel like we are doing a lot better as we practice and get feedback on how we can improve from other missionaries. We also did skill training on our Baptism presentations while the person who got baptized is changing. We are trying to change it up from the usual Restoration that we usually do. We have some concerns that some investigators have and try to resolve their concerns through our presentation. It should be great to apply in future baptisms to help other investigators that attend a baptism feel the spirit more strongly and help them receive their answers that the Gospel is true. Wednesday, we had a great lesson with Robie RC(recent convert), we read the Book of Mormon with her and helped her study it. After we had a lesson with Peter Gonzales (RC) on the priesthood and the duties that come with having the priesthood. He received the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday and was so excited to be ordained a Priest. Then later that night we met with Stephanie a former investigator and taught her how families can be together forever and that her husband that pasted away last year is learning the Gospel in the Spirit World. Then we met with Peter, and his two sons (Atum and Moses) they moved here from Sudan 15 years ago. We ended the night with a Great lesson with Laredda on questions that she had with Temples and how she can receive an answer that the Gospel is true. Thursday, we had a lesson with Shelly (RC) on the Plan of Salvation. Then we did our weekly planning. Friday, we did tracting most of the day. We met some great people and got to do - 1 prayer with a lady and her son. Saturday, we had a great lesson with Oscar a former investigator from church. We transferred him to the zone leaders because he is a young single adult age. After, we had another wonderful lesson with Sandy (investigator), we watched the Restoration with her and she really liked it knowing how the Gospel was restored through Joseph Smith and how he translated the Book of Mormon. Then we did some visits. Sunday was a great Sabbath Day. Sandy came to church and had a great time. Great talks on fasting and tithing. Sunday school had a great lesson on the scriptures and how they help us return to our Heavenly Father. Well gotta go. Take Care my prayers are with you all.


Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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