Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hello Family and Friends,

How are you all doing?  I am doing great here in Glendale - Sharing the Gospel and doing the Lord's work in helping our Heavenly Father's children come unto him.  The weather this past week was really nice. It is starting to cool down and some days it is perfect in the 80's.  We had a very spiritual baptism on Saturday for Jessica Luzania.  It was so great to see her make her covenants with God and how happy she felt by being spiritually reborn as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  There was a great support from the Young Women that gave talks and sang a beautiful musical number that brought the Spirit so strongly before Jessica entered the waters of baptism.  Her sister Georgiana and her boyfriend Gabriel came to witness the baptism.  We hope Gabriel felt the spirit and sparks some interest in him to learn about the Gospel and how it can bless his families life for eternity.  Georgiana cannot get baptized because she is living with her boyfriend and 3 kids.  We had a great lesson with Georgiana on Monday while her sister was getting interviewed for Baptism and the Spirit was so great in that lesson.  We had a member that sat in that lesson with us on how she can bring up to her boyfriend her desire to get married so she can get baptized.  It really builds my faith on the importance of members in our lessons because they bear powerful testimony and they can relate to things we do not have experienced yet such as marriage and kids.  We always strive to get members at lessons because they help us teach and testify about the Gospel and it is our key indicator that we report each week during our weekly call ins.  We also had some great lessons with Raymond on the Plan of Salvation and helping him learn about our purpose on earth is to prepare to return to live with God and our families for Eternity in the Celestrial Kingdom.  We also met with Vanessa this week and read the Book of Mormon with her and help build her Faith but we keep setting appointments with her and she keeps cancelling so we are going to give her a break for a while because she not keeping the  commitments towards Baptism and it might not be the right time for her yet.  We keep praying that things will work out with her and she gets the burning desire to continue to learn more about the Gospel and make her first step towards eternal life by being Baptized.  We had a great lesson with Barb our recent convert and handed her over to the Ward Missionary to teach her the new member lessons.  She was so sad that we are not coming over to teach her anymore, but she understood our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to Come unto Christ and receive the Gospel through being Baptized.  It was so great to teach her and see the spirit working in her and building her faith in christ and how it already brought many happiness and joy to her and her families life.  We hope she continues to live the Gospel and prepare for additional covenants that we make in the House of the Lord, the Temple.  I almost forgot that the day after we had a lesson with Georgiana on telling her boyfriend she wants to get married, he agreed and so we are planning for them to be married on September 29.  So then she can be baptized in October.  We were so happy to hear that great news and we are working with the Ward to have the Bishop marry them and have a reception at the Church.  God certainly makes things work out as long as we trust in him and keep his commandments.  Well that was my week in the mission field.  Hope everyone is doing well.  I love and miss everyone so much.  Take care.  My prayers are with you all.  I just got transfer news this morning and I am staying in Glendale for another 6 weeks.

Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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