Thursday, November 3, 2011

Temple Trip

I Went to the Laie Hawaii Temple on
October 14, 2011 
To receive my own Endownment

Me After going into the Temple

Bishop, Aunty Nella, Me , My Mom, and Cousin Bobby


  1. Aloha Family and Friends,
    Its me Elder Cabral I am doing great at the MTC. I am learning so much about the gospel its like a spiritual waterhose. I cant believe I am on my mission its so much fun. The food is very good I hope I am not gaining weight. My schedule is very busy I am in class from 7 am to 9 pm everyday except pday. My pdays are on Wednesday its great to relax write letters and do laundry. I went to the temple today which was wonderful and spiritual. I am so honored to be 1 of 56,000 full time missionaries. Today there suppose to be 680 new missionaries coming to the MTC. Last week i came in with 420 missionaries so there is going to be a lot more today. My Companion is Elder Bartleson hes from Tampa, Florida and he heading to phoenix with me. Hes a very great companion we get along great and he has a strong faith in the gospel. There is 11 missionaries in my district that were like a family we have class together and we always sit by each other doing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Elder Mills, Nilson, Bailey, Dunn are in our dorms. Elder Maxfield and Shelly dorm two houses down from us there part of my district. Then theres 4 sister missionaries in our district Sister Robinson, Hawkins, Solomon, and Bruckman there also great missionaries. We had a great devotion on Sunday by brother Richard Heaton Provo MTC administrator about tithing and how it blesses our lives. on Tuesday we had another great devotional by Elder Callister presidency of the seventy he gave a great talk on evidence of the apostasy and the restoration. Ive met so many missionaries from all over the world. Thanks for the letters We really enjoy getting mail its like the best two years everyone is so excited when we they get mail. Please continue to send mail I love getting them it keeps me going in doing the Lord's work. Luv you All!

  2. Hello family and friends,

    It's Elder Cabral again. How is everyone one doing? Well for me, I am doing great at the MTC. I am just continuing to study and learn more about the gospel. I also do teaching almost everyday with my companion Elder Bartleson. Teaching is so great to teach the things I learn and study to share the gospel with others and how it can bless there lives. The spirit is so strong when we teach. The feeling is amazing. I am on week 2 at the MTC. next week Tuesday I am finally heading to Phoenix to do the Lords work and preach the gospel with others. We had a great devotional on Tuesday by Elder Todd D. Christofferson - Quorum of the twelve. He gave a great talk on focusing on our purpose as missionaries and the people we teach. Earning trust from the members to get referrals and hold close to your heart to Christ. As i study the scriptures and do my best as a missionary the spirit will be with me to teach the gospel. On Friday I saw snow fall for the first time, it was so cool. I felt like a kid. The weather is very nice in Provo I am getting used to the cold except night time its pretty cold. I went to the temple again today, which is always wonderful. I keep learning more each time I go. Me and my companion are doing great. Our district is also wonderful, so happy to have 5 of them going to Phoenix with me. I am going to miss the other 6 missionaries when we leave next week, were like a family. On Thanksgiving were going to have a devotional by a general authority, have Thanksgiving dinner, make injury kits for humanitarian project,and have a Christmas program. It should be a great Thanksgiving here at the MTC. On my birthday (Friday), we have a infield orientation, so that should be another awesome day. I cannot wait to get out there in the mission field and serve the Lord. Well gotta go my laundry should be done. thanks for the letters everyone, I love receiving letters it keeps me going strong. Love, Elder Cabral


    Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral
    7662 W Louise Drive
    Peoria, AZ 85382

    I am in Phoenix, its so great to be in the mission field. I just wanted to let you all know my new address and where I will be for at least the next 6 weeks!

    ok gotta go bye luv u guys

  4. Hey Family and Friends,

    How's everyone!

    Well for me, it has been an amazing past week. Where should I start? Well on Thanksgiving we had a great lunch, Thanksgiving program made injury kits for Sudarabia someplace in Africa I think, watched 17 miracles so it was a great Thanksgiving in the MTC. On my birthday, we had infield orientation where we were in class preparing us for our mission field. I had a fantastic birthday. Then on Tuesday, we woke up at 4:30 am to catch the bus to Salt Lake City Airport. We was so tired but excited to be leaving for the mission field Arizona Phoenix. It was so great to call home and talk to mom and dad. My flight was from 8:20 am to 9:40 am so it was not to long. It was great to see land opposed to seeing the ocean most of my time flying. There were 11 missionaries heading to the Arizona Phoenix Mission - myself and Elder Bartleson, Dunn, and Sister Bruckman, Hawkins, and Robinson were in my district. The other missionaries were Spanish Speaking Elder Anderson, Henderson, McCuch and Sister Garcia and Hecking. We were so excited when we landed and saw President Taylor and Sister Taylor with the two assistants to the presidents(APS). After we got our luggage we headed to the mission office and met the senior missionary couple who serve in the APM. After we headed to the Mission home and had lunch, did orientation, interviews, and had a well rested nap. We slept overnight at the mission home then the next day we went to the stake center where we do transfers. We were all so happy when President taylor announced who our companions were going to be training us. My Companion is Elder Geren from Spokane, Washington hes been out for 20 months. He is a great companion I am learning so much from him teaching me. We get along very well which is very important in doing the Lords work and having the Spirit. After we went in to the Chapel and President Taylor announced our areas where we will be serving. My companion and I got assigned to the Peoria North Zone. We serve in 2 wards Sunrise Mountain and Apache Park. After transfers we headed to our home where we live. We live in a very nice home full of missionaries. There is 6 missionaries that live in the house my companion and I, the APS Elder Henrie and Bird, and two other missionaries Elder Cecil and Beaston. We are both NEW to the area so there was lot to do. After we got unpacked we headed out to do some tracking. We had an appointment with an investigator all the way down in Apache Park. Before we went to the appointment, we did some tracking around the neighborhood. We met some people and handed out pass along cards. I had such a cool experience I Placed MY FIRST BOOK OF MORMON, we knocked on a guys house and I gave him a BOM and invited him to read and pray about it. I was so excited to go tracking. It is a wonderful feeling to go tracking and to share the message of the gospel with others. Even if they are not interested it is still great to plant that seed in them and testify to them what we know is true. Our appointment went great as both new missionaries we got to know her and ask her what she wants us to help her with. She is very nice and has 3 kids she told us she is not ready to get baptized but she will tell us when the time is right. So we won't push her just continue to teach her and encourage her to keep the commandmets. Thursday was another great day we met with another lady and her 4 kids which was great. Nice family she was taught the lessons a few years ago so we are going to go over the lessons with her and the family again to help them feel the spirit. Then later that night we had a meeting with the ward council leader and went on splits with the ward missionaries to visit less active members. On Friday we did some tracking and met some members. During the night we had the Apache Park Christmas Party. That was a great time to meet the members and get to know some people before church on Sunday. Well gotta go. I will write the rest to you later!

    Love, Elder Cabral


    This is a continuation from my last letter. I only have 1 hour on the computer weekly. On Saturday (12/3/11), my companion and I mainly did tracking and had dinner with Sister Arington from (APW) Apache Park Ward. My first Sunday at church was great. I was in church for 9 hours. It was a long day, we had ward council from 7:30-8:30 am, then (SAW) Sunrsie Mountain Ward from 9-12 noon, APW church is from 1-4 pm. Since it was fast & testimony meeting, I went up during sacrament meeting twice to introduce myself and bear my testimony. After we had a meeting with Brother Cook (SMW) Ward Mission Leader. Then we went to dinner with the Walker family at their home and watched the Christmas Devotional. Today is Monday, my P-Day so I get to do laundry, shopping, write letters until 6 pm then back to work. I am at the Stake Center right now. The other missionaries are playing basketball then we are going to visit some less active members later this evening, and "yes" I am in a BIKING area. My area is pretty big for riding bikes. It is mostly alot of houses, stores, & offices on the major roads. I ride 10-15 miles each day. I am glad that it is mostly flat here because going uphills is very tiring. I am getting in better shape everyday and the Lord gives me the strength to keep going strong. The weather is very nice right now. During the nights, it gets pretty cold but I am enjoying it while I can. I am learning so much everyday. This week we had a few investigators that we are teaching so hopefully they go well. On Sunday, we were very happy when an investigator came to church and told us he wanted to be BAPTIZED. The other missionaries before us taught him most of the lessons but we are still happy he chose to be baptized. We are meeting him on Tuesday to go over his baptism, to set a date, and get him ready for his interview. Did I mention my great experience I had on Thursday. My companion asked me to choose where to go tracking so I prayed and got prompted to a street - Lone Cactus Drive. We went there and did some tracking, knocked on some doors, and gave some pass-a-long cards. Then an older couple drove up to us and told us her daughter had a referral from a friend that is interested in learning about the church. The lady called today and told us her friend wants to meet with us on Wednesday, so we are so excited to teach her. It has been an amazing first week in the mission field. I love the area I am serving in. The people are great. So welcoming and friendly. The wards are so big SMW has 350 members. APW has about 300 or so. Lots of people to get to know. Getting the members to trust you and help you is very important in missionary work. Well, I gotta go until next week take care. My prayers are with you ALL. "ALMA 5:46 - Pray and God will help and guide you through the Holy Ghost."

    Elder Lance Cabral


    SORRY, I forgot to include this last night in the email from LANCE! I ride BIKE a great deal. It takes us half hour to get down to the bottom of one area. Hopefully, we do not have any appointments on opposite ends because it would take us a long time to bike it. I just bought my BIKE from a store in Glendale on Thursday. Before then I was using a bike that the APS put together from parts. Well, I am doing great here and I am enjoying my mission everyday!

    Love you all:)
    Elder Lance Cabral

    PS:) You all may go to our APM BLOG to see pictures of me - ""..

  7. Aloha Family and Friends,

    How's everyone doing? What's going on in the real world? Well I am doing great here in Arizona. It has been a great week for me in the mission field. Sharing the gospel is amazing, the spirit is so strong as I share the message of the gospel with others. I ride my bike everytime. I run into someone I try to share a short message with them and give them pass along cards. Most of the people are nice and accept a card. I am getting use to the area that I serve in which is Peoria. My schedule is very busy I wake up at 6:30 am & we exercise for 30 minutes. We either go jogging or play basketball at the park. Then at 7 am I get ready and eat breakfast. At 8-9 am I have personal study time and 9-10 am companion study time. At 10 am we have an additional hour of companion study for 12 weeks as part of a new missionary training program. Then at 11 am, we do some proselyting or we go to appointments with an hour for lunch and dinner. Then at 9-930 pm we have planning time to plan for the next day. Then at 1030 pm we head to bed in which I am always tired from a long day of doing the Lord's work. The weather is really nice right now it is pretty cold at night but I am enjoying it right now. We have about 5 investigators that we are teaching right now so it is going great. One of our investigators are getting baptized on Saturday so we are very excited for him. Well I gotta go hope everything is going great for you all.

    Elder Lance Cabral