Monday, December 19, 2011

Aloha Family and Friends,

How's everyone one doing? How's the Christmas Season going back in the Islands? Well for me it has been wonderful here in Arizona.  I had another wonderful week here in the mission field.  On Tuesday, we met with a recent convert Kim to teach her the missionary lessons again.  We tried to teach her the restoration but we ended getting to know her and she talked about how her sister might be interested in the church. So that could be missionary work teaching her sister the gospel.  Then we met with Luis to make sure he was ready to be baptized and answer any questions he had about his baptism.  He was nervous but we told him everything is going to be fine and he would feel good after he is baptized.
Wednesday was an amazing spiritual day we had our Christmas Conference.  We met at a stake center with half of the APM missionaries.  We watched some great videos on bicycle safety, Missionary Photos, and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir on the birth of Christ.  We also sang many hymns and listened to some great testimonies by some departing missionaries who are finishing their mission in a few weeks.  It was a very spiritually and uplifting experience.  It was so great to see 4/5 of my MTC District Missionaries that came out to Arizona with me.  I saw 2 elder missionaries that are from the Spanish speaking that came out with me.  I also met a sister missionary from Oahu, Hawaii - Sister Pilimai.  Then we headed to the Mesa Temple and did an endowment session.  I love going to the temple to feel the spirit and the peace that lays in the house of the Lord.  After we walked around the Mesa Temple.  During Christmas time they decorate around the temple with Christmas lights.  It looks so beautiful and many people come out to see it and and listen to the music that they play.
On Thursday, we had a great lesson with Jenna an investigator we go referred to by a member.  It went very well as we taught her the plan of salvation and helped her understand about temples and why we do temple work.  The spirit was so strong as we taught her we could tell she felt the Holy Ghost testify to her what we were teaching are true.  We invited her to be baptized and she said that it is the direction she is heading towards but she wants to learn more before she commits.  We are going to meet with her again this week to teach her more.
Friday, we went to visit a less active sister to see how she is doing.  A very nice lady that wants to come back to church but is struggling with some health issues.  Then we did some tracking and met a young lady that seemed interested in the church.  We are going to meet with her after the holidays because she is busy right now.  Then I started my 2 day exchange with Elder Vaoga from Samoa.  I went to his area Pleasant Valley, West Wing, and Lake Pleasant.
On Saturday, we did some tracking and met some great people but no one was interested but it is still great to share the message so hopefully one day they will feel the spirit.  Then we went to a baptism for my exchange companion investigator Taylor.  It was so wonderful to see her get baptized.  Then we had our investigator baptism for Luis.  His Baptism was also amazing.  He was so happy and it was so funny when he said he did not want to leave the church building and go into the world because it is cruel and he wants to stay clean and pure of sin.  Witnessing their baptism was a wonderful spiritual experience.  That was a great early Christmas gift to see them be baptized.  Then on Sunday,  I went to 3 Sacrament meetings because I was on an exchange and they cover 3 wards.  It was so great to be a part of Taylor's Confirmation of receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I was so happy to exchange back to my area and get back to riding my bike because I was in a car area because their area is so big.  I rather bike because I meet people on the street and share a message with them plus I get a good exercise.  I love being a missionary it is an incredible spiritually feeling .  Merry Christmas Everyone hope you guys have a great one and remember what Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
Merry Christmas,
Elder Cabral

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