Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey Family and Friends,

How is everyone doing?  Well for me I am doing great in the mission field.  I am doing my best to share the wonderful gospel to Heavenly Fathers children in Arizona.  I had a wonderful week!  On Tuesday, I was on an exchange with my zone leader Elder Freeman in his area of Peoria.  We did some visit with less active members and then we had a great lesson with Rosa an investigator on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how we are so blessed that he atoned for our sins and fulfilled Heavenly Fathers plan for us to return to live with him.  Before I exchanged back we met with another less active family and taught them about prayer and how god can help us.  On Wednesday, we had district meeting where we go over our investigators and how we can pray and help them come closer to God and prepare them for baptism.  Then we had a skills training on finding investigators and approaches that we can do to share the gospel with others.  Then we had a great lesson with Ben on priesthood and went over baptism interview questions to prepare him for his baptism on January 28.  We are so excited for him and because he is ready to be baptized on Saturday.  Then we had a great dinner with the Leos family, Sister Leos is from Hawaii so she got short ribs, shoyu chicken, spam musubi, taro rolls, and Hawaiian juice.  I loved that dinner - it felt like I was back home.  Then we had a lesson with Jeanna and had Brother Gibson help her on employment to find another job so she comes to church.  Jeanna is doing really well.  She feels the spirit and knows that it is true but won't commit until she can come to church.  On Thursday, we had Stake Correlation with the Stake Presidency and our Mission President since he lives in our stake.  We went over some investigators in our stake and President Wagner told us the process of how the Lord calls a new Stake President because he is getting released to serve as a Mission President in July.  Then we did weekly planning where we plan out our week and go over our investigators.  Then we had a great lesson with Betty and gave her a church tour and taught her the plan of salvation.  She loves genealogy so this was perfect for her to understand Heavenly Fathers plan for us.  She is getting baptized on February 28.  Then we went over the baptism questions with the Romaro's - a family of 3.  They are getting baptized on January 28 as well.  We are so excited to have a family get baptized so they can live with their family for eternity.  On Friday, we mostly visited members to get to know them and share message with them and see if they knew any one that would be interested in learning the gospel.  Then we had the Romaro's family baptism interview which they passed and are ready for baptism.  We met Elder Golden, a General Authority of the Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Fluckinger of the Area of the Seventies.    On Saturday, we help set up the Stake Center for Stake Conference then we visited members again.  We went to the adult session of Stake Conference and heard wonderful talks and testimonies by the Stake Presidency, Elder Golden and Elder Fluckinger about always striving to do better in our lives to have the Holy Ghost with us.  On Sunday, we had Stake Conference where they announced the new Stake President and heard great testimonies.  President Hinton is our new Stake President with President Holmes and President Pace as his counselors.  Well that was my Wonderful week with great lessons we taught to investigators, meeting a general authority, amazing stake conference, new stake presidency, and sharing the gospel with others so they can live with Heavenly Father and their families in eternal life.  I love being a missionary representing our Savior Jesus Christ and do his wonderful work of sharing the gospel.  I know the gospel is true and the Book of Mormon is truly words from God to guide us and testify of Christ.  Till next week, hope everyone is doing well and my prayers are with you all!

Love always,
Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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