Monday, February 27, 2012


Hola Familia Amigos,

Como Estas Todos? Well for me, I am doing great in my new area North Mountain, Northern part of Phoenix.  I was in a bit of a cultural shock when I got here.  My last area was mostly middle-upper class neighborhood.  This area is more diverse with great people and some areas that are very nice and some that are not as nice.  It definitely makes me more humble for everything I have in my life.  I am still on my bike but this area has a lot more hills which is fun going down but good exercise going up.  I am living in an apartment with my Companion Elder Bartleson and Two Spanish Speaking Elder McConnel and Elder Wheel Wright.  I am learning a little bit of Spanish from them to communicate with people that speak Spanish so I can give them a card and get there name and address to refer them to the Spanish Elders.  There is a lot more Hispanic people here in Phoenix than Peoria North.  My first house we tracked on was a lady that could not speak English and I did not know what to say so my companion knew enough Spanish to hand her a card but we still could not understand what she was asking us.  
Well my week was great.  Last Tuesday, we got a text on who was being transferred in our zone and I was one of them.  I was a bit sad and nervous but I knew the Lord needed me some place else.  We had a district activity where we went fishing and I caught a fish.  Then after our Pday at 6 pm I had my last lesson with Sheldon on commandments and said bye to him.  Then I stopped by the Romaros family that got baptized and told them bye and to stay strong in the gospel.  Then I visited the Leo family and told them bye.  Then on Wednesday, we had transfer meeting where we saw all the 8 new missionaries that came into our mission and heard their testimonies & how excited they are to serve the Lord.  Then President Taylor announced where all those that would be transferred were going and who were their new companion.  I was excited and surprised when he said I was going to North Mountain Phoenix North with Elder Bartleson my MTC Companion.  He must have felt inspired by the Lord to put two freshly trained missionaries together.  After we were off to my new area.  We had correlation where I met the Ward Mission Leader and some of the Ward Missionaries.
Thursday we had our weekly planning and district meeting.  We had a lesson with the Spivas family - less active on coming to church.  On Friday, we had a return appointment with Peter someone they found on the street & contacted him & got to know him a bit.  Then we went to see Moambi and setup a ride to church for Peter.  His family is from Africa and do not speak much English so it is kind of hard to understand him sometimes.  Then we had a lesson with Barbara on the Book of Mormon but she kept going off on some crazy story so I think we are going to stop meeting with here cause she does not seem too interested in us teaching her the Gospel.  On Saturday we mostly did some tracking.  Then we had a lesson with Dominic on the Word of Wisdom and how he will be blessed by living it in his life.  He just had a baby girl on Wednesday.  Hopefully we can teach his girlfriend the gospel and have them baptized as a family.  They have to get married before he can get baptized.  Sunday was a great sabbath day.  We had 3 investigators at church Peter, Moambi, and Terri.  They were so welcoming when they saw me.  This ward is a lot smaller than my last area with about 100 people.  There is a lot of less active members in this ward.  We try to visit some of them to encourage them to come back to church but we try to focus on finding and teaching investigators the gospel.  I am so grateful to be here on a mission serving the Lord and sharing the gospel with his children here in Phoenix, the Book of Mormon, the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ that I share so others can return to live with our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our families can live for eternity.  I am so grateful for all my family and friends and everything .  Well gotta go until next week.  Take care and my prayers are with you all.

Love Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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