Monday, March 26, 2012


Aloha Family and Friends,

How is everyone doing?  Well I had a wonderful week in Phoenix.  Peter Gonzales got baptized on Saturday and I got the honor to baptize him.  It was such a spiritual baptism.  He was filled with happiness and joy at his baptism.  The spirit was so strong as I went into the baptism font followed by Peter.  Then I grabbed his wrist, held up my right arm and said the baptism Prayer.  I had to do it three times because his leg kept coming up but on the third time I stepped on his feet and he was fully emerged into the water.   It was such a wonderful feeling to baptize him and see him come out of the water as a follower of Jesus Christ.  Right after he came up from the water he said "I feel different like a new man".  I was so excited for him that he was filled with joy as he made his covenants with our Heavenly Father.  It was such an amazing baptism and 2 of our other investigators Robie and Rebecca came to his baptism and felt the spirit and cannot wait for their baptism next month.  Then on Sunday, he got confirmed a member and received the holy ghost by my companion Elder Bartleson.  He was so excited and smiling throughout sacrament.  It was so wonderful and we had a lesson in Gospel Essential Class on the Holy Ghost, which was perfect for him.  It was a wonderful spiritual weekend.  The rest of my week was great.  Tuesday, we had a lesson with Peter & watched about the restoration, had a lesson with Robie on Mosiah 4:7-12, and a lesson with John a less active on Hope and Humility.  Our night was pretty interesting we ran into a guy on the street that needed a place to live so we called our bishop for shelters he could stay at.  Then right after we were waiting for the bus to head home and this guy was yelling because he is going through some hard times so we calmed him down and talked to him about the Gospel and how we go through trials to strengthen us and gave him a Book of Mormon.  Then after we met a lady waiting for the bus and talked to her.  She said that Jesus Christ helped her overcome drinking problems in her life and how she was searching for a church.  We talked to her about the church and got her information so we can go over and teach her about the Gospel.  On Wednesday we had a lesson with Peter and watched - Finding Faith in Christ a great video on Jesus Christ's earthly ministry.  Every time we would go over and ask him what's on Saturday - he would say his baptism and was so excited.  On Thursday, we did weekly planning and had a district meeting.  Then we had a lesson with Robie on 1 Nephi 16.  Then we were heading to an appointment and talked to a man and a lady at a bus stop that seemed interested.  On Friday, we helped a member & their family move to another apartment but their still in our ward boundaries.  On Saturday before the baptism, we had a lesson with Rebecca on Alma 5 and committed her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon after our lesson and we testified to her that she would receive answers that the Gospel is true before or at Peter's baptism.  After Peter's baptism, she received her answer and felt the spirit testify to her.  That was my wonderful week.  Hope all is well.  I love being a missionary and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Love, Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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