Monday, March 5, 2012

Hi From North Mountain Area in ARIZONA

Aloha Family and Friends,

How is everyone doing back home? Well for me, I had a great week in the mission field.  The weather is really nice early in the week on Tuesday and Wednesday it was cold but on Thursday it was nice and warm.  Well to start of my week, I had exchanges with zone leaders in their area on Tuesday.  We had a lesson with Katie on Alma 34 and the purpose of our life on earth and how we can prepare to meet God?  She really liked it.  She got baptized in December and started to read the Book of Mormon and has lots of questions especially in Isaiah which we cannot understand.  Then we had a lesson with Lisa a less active that is struggling so we read Alma 36 and it was a perfect chapter that helped her.  Then we went to the mission office to pickup some supplies and letters.  It was great to see the couple missionaries in the office and from my old area.  To end the day, we had a Book of Mormon class where we studied Moroni 1-6 on the Priesthood, Baptism, and the Sacrament.  On Wednesday, we had a meeting with the Bishop who has a daughter that lives in Kona and talked about members we can visit and who can help fellowship investigators and come to appointments with us.   Then we did some visits and tracking.  Then we had coordination meeting and made some visit with potential investigators and less actives.  Thursday, we did our weekly planning and had district meeting where we focused on contacting people on the streets and sharing a message.  Then we had a great lesson with a new investigator Robie and taught her about our Heavenly Father and how our families are blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Then we had another great lesson with Peter on the apostasy and how the gospel was restored through Joseph Smith and we have the Book of Mormon.  He has a great desire to follow Jesus Christ and how he can get closer to God by being baptized.  On Friday in the morning, we did some visits to potential investigators and met a new member that moved to our area and needed the address to the church.  On our way home for lunch we were riding down a steep hill that had a yellow gate that blocked the road and Elder Bartleson's brakes did not work and he crashed in to the gate and flipped over.  The gate injured his knee and he is so blessed we were helmets because when he flipped over his helmet got damaged from the asphalt.  So we headed home and he rested most of the day.  We had a short lesson later that day with the Spiva's a less active couple that got married last November.  On Saturday, we were in our apartment the whole day to let Elder Bartleson's knee heal, so I did a lot of studying from on the Book of Mormon, Preach my Gospel, and the Ensign.  He is doing a lot better.  On Friday, he could not walk without crutches but on Saturday it got a lot better with a slight pain.  On Sunday, we had a great fast and testimony meeting.  We had Robie our new investigator come to church and she really liked the Gospel Essentials class where they taught the Creation of the World and how it is so important in our Heavenly Father's Plan for us.  Then after church we took the sacrament to some members that are not able to come to church.  It was a great privilege to do it and they were so happy to see us.  Then we had a lesson with Robie we finished the Restoration on how the Gospel was restored and how we can know that it is true by reading the Book of Mormon and Praying.  She is going to enjoy our next lesson on the Plan of Salvation because she was asking a lot of question about it in Sunday School.  Well today is my pday and we are just doing our email, shopping, and resting.  Hope that Elder Bartleson's knee heals so we can get back to our bikes and start sharing the Gospel to all we meet in the North Mountain area.  Hope everyone is doing great back home.  My prayers are with you all.

Love, Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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