Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey Family and Friends,

How are you guys? Well for me, it was a great week here in Phoenix sharing the Gospel and helping others Come unto Christ.  The weather is starting to really heat up.  This week it got up to 110 degrees.  It is really starting to feel like a blow dryer effect when I am outside riding my bike.  I make sure to fill up my camel back before I leave my apartment.   Well the work is going great.  Dylan is doing great.  We had a lesson this week on reading the Book of Mormon with him.  He likes to play shooting video games so he likes to read the War chapters in the Book of Mormon.  We also taught him tithing, showed him videos of our living prophet today - Thomas S. Monson that leads the church and how by following his teachings we can be happy.  He went to mutual this week and had a great time meeting the youth and doing all the fun activities.  He also had his baptismal interview on Saturday and after it was done he said " I passed I am on level 2".  It is great fun teaching him the gospel and helping his mom come back to church.  He cannot wait to get baptized this Saturday and make his covenants with our Heavenly Father.  Kelsee is also doing great and is ready to be baptized on June 30.  She is autistic so we try to keep it as simple as we can and do fun object lessons to help her remember what we teach her.  This week was a great week for finding and doing our prayer approach.  Friday and Sunday, we did 5 prayers with people, shared a little bit about the Gospel and what we do as missionaries and we got 3 return appointments.  So hopefully they felt the Spirit and are interested in learning more about the gospel and how it can bless them in their lives.  We had a great Sabbath and Father's Day yesterday on how important Father's are in our lives and grateful for all they do.  This week we also focused on going through a list of people that Bishop gave us to visit and see how we can help them come back to church.  It did not go that well but we will keep trying to visit the less actives because sometimes all people need is just a visit and to see that people care about them and miss them to help them get active again in the church.  Our Recent converts are doing really well and we visit with them weekly to help them learn more about the Gospel and help them to endure.  On Friday, a member family took us to L and L Hawaiian Barbecue and I had a lau lau and kalua pork it was so "ono".  Well that was my week in the mission field.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Take care my prayes are with you all. 

Elder Lance KuhiCabral

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