Monday, October 15, 2012


Hola Familia y Amigos,

Como Esta Todo? Well as for me, I am doing great here in Glendale sharing the Gospel and helping our brothers and sisters Come unto Christ.  The weather here is starting to get cold especially in the morning and night’s(60's).  During the day it is nice and warm with a cool breeze which reminds me of home.  The work is going great in the Rose Lane Ward.  Georgianna got married on Saturday to Gabriel.  It was a very beautiful wedding to see them make their covenants with each other. They were so happy when Bishop Reese announced them as husband and wife.  It was a good turnout of family, friends, and some ward members that came to witness their special day.  It is amazing to see how after 8 years of being together and 4 kids they finally chose to get married.  After she got married she met the requirements to be baptized.  She had her baptism interview on Sunday and passed with flying colors.  She is so excited to be baptized this Saturday, October 20 and make her covenants with God.  The Lord truly prepared her to receive the restored Gospel.  I had some amazing spiritual experience teaching her the Gospel and helping her to come closer to our Heavenly Father.  The Armstrong kids are doing great, Ben and Britney want to get baptized but they need to come to Church twice before they can. Their grandma keeps telling us that she will come to Church but they never show up.  The grandma is less active and has not been to church in a long time.  So we do not really know what we can do get her to church. It is hard sometimes working with kids that really want to get baptized but their parents will not bring them to church.  We do not want to baptize them into inactivity, we will keep working with them.  The Ledesma kids are also doing great.  Florena  wants to get baptized because she knows it will bring her closer to God.  Florrisa is not really sure so we keep teaching her so she can have a desire to be baptized.  Then Florencio is getting more involved in the lessons, reading and answering questions.  It is great to see the spirit softening his heart to get him more interested in the Gospel and how it can bless his life.  When we first starting meeting with them he did not want to learn and would not pay attention. The Wookie family are doing great, but they do not come to church.  We call them in the morning but they do not answer.  We have been struggling to get investigators to come to church so we are going to get some good fellowship family that can come to the lessons with us and invite and offer them a ride to church.  Wednesday we had a wonderful meeting with President and Sister Taylor for our Quarterly Zone Interviews.  Great meetings help us focus on when to drop an investigator that is not progressing.  It is sometimes sad to stop visiting investigators that you love and want them to receive the Gospel but if we are not fulfilling our purpose as missionaries by helping them building their faith, repentance, getting baptized, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring until the end then we have to give them some time when they are ready.  We also went over the baptism calendar and how we can help our investigators for Baptism by having a calendar and the things they need to do so they can be ready come unto Christ.  We had a wonderful Sabbath Day yesterday, we had a recently returned missionary that returned from his mission in West Africa.  It was so spiritually uplifting to hear his missionary experience and how he helped our Heavenly Fathers children receive the Gospel.  Well that was my great week here in the mission field.  I love and miss you all so much.  Thank you to everyone that writes to me and keeps me going in doing the Lords work.  Till next week Adios. 

Te Amo,
Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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