Monday, February 11, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

How are you guys doing?  Well, I am doing great here in Buckeye - sharing the Gospel and doing the Lord's work.  The weather has been a little cold this week but still pretty nice.  Well, I had a great week teaching the Gospel to our  investigator's and helping them Come unto Christ through Baptism and being confirmed the Holy Ghost.  We had a wonderful Baptism for April Harris on Saturday.  There was a strong spirit as her father baptized her and made her first covenant with God to enter that gate back to our Heavenly Father.  There was a great turnout of family and friends from the ward that came to support her and witness her make Promise with God.  She was so happy as she received the Holy Ghost to help her stay on the straight path and guide her to Choose the Right and keep her safe.  We had a great lesson with Destiny this week on the Restoration of the Gospel and she loves coming to church and how friendly everyone is.  We also had a great lesson with Marsha a new investigator, we were planning to teach her the Plan of Salvation but we ended up teaching her about prophets and how the Book of Mormon is so important in the Restoration of the Gospel and how we can know Joseph Smith was a true prophet that was called by God by reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.  As we prepare in our studies, we have the Spirit to be with us even though we teach something we did not plan for the Spirit is with us as we teach to the investigators needs.  We also had a spiritually wonderful lesson with William on the Plan of Salvation and going over his Baptism interview questions.  His mom who has been less active for many years bore a powerful testimony on keeping the Word of Wisdom even though she struggle to give up smoking and coffee.  It was a wonderful lesson as we testified to her that Jesus Christ can give her the strength to overcome those addictions and she will be blessed and free from it as she has Faith in Jesus Christ and through his Atonement he knows the struggles we go through and wants to help us.  I am so honored to be a servant of Jesus Christ to preach his Gospel and have the spirit to teach our Heavenly Father's children the truthfulness of the gospel.  The spirit is what converts people to Christ, we are just instruments in the Lord's hands.  We had a great Sabbath Day with 2 Ward Conferences for both Estrella Hills and Palo Verde ward.  Great talks by the youths, Bishop, and Stake President of the Stake Annual Theme "Living your Life to be Worthy to have the Holy Ghost and Following those Promptings".  Well that was my great week.  I love and miss you all  so much.  You are always in my prayers.  Take care and have a fantastic week. 

Love for Eternity,
Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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