Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

How are you all doing?  I am doing great here in Anthem - Sharing the Gospel and doing the Lord's work.  I had a great week but also a bit challenging and overwhelmed.  We had a great Zone conference on working more with members by serving and teaching them the Doctrine of Christ to help build their trust to Share the Gospel with those they know and find people for us to teach.  We also had great learning exercises on planning more effectively and using our missionary planner to its fullest; and we had a great teaching lesson by President and Sister Taylor on Repentence and helping us and our investigators to truly repent and forsake their sins so they can enjoy the blessing that come from keeping God's commandments.  We had only 1 lesson this week with Emma on Agency and keeping the Law of Chasity.  She is 17 and has been investigating the church for 2 years but cannot get baptized because her parents will not allow her to until she is 18.  She will make a great Mormon in a year and she is planning to go on a mission when she is 19.  We had 4 lessons scheduled with investigators but they fell through for various reasons.  Some investigators we have not been able to have a lesson with for weeks, so we are going to see if they truly want to learn more about the Gospel.  We did alot of finding through members and are starting to teach them short 20 minute lessons to apply the things we learned from zone conference and help them Share the Gospel and gain trust in us as Servants of Christ.  Well the anxious part of the week was first when I got a call from President Taylor on Saturday to TRAIN A NEW MISSIONARY AGAIN.  I was not that nervous because I have done it before and it is not so bad.  Then this morning I got another call from President Taylor asking me TO BE A DISTRICT LEADER.  These are 2 big assignments that the Lord and Mission President Taylor has trust and confidence that I can do.  I have to be a role model in Obedience and example to my new trainee and district which there are 6 Elders in my District and 2 will be new missionaries tomorrow.  I hope I can have the Lordss guidance and spirit to help me fullfill these assignments.  I have to plan and conduct district meetings, go on exchanges with everyone in my district and zone leaders every transfer, take call in summaries of the week and report them to the zone leaders every Sunday, do baptism interviews, and help out the Elders in my district the best way I can.  So there is lots of pressure on me but I know that the Lord knows I am ready to do it.  I went to a training meeting yesterday and so one of the sisters that came out with me is going home today along with 3 other sister missionaries who finished their mission.  There are 23 new missionaries coming into our mission tomorrow and 9 of them are sister missionariess.  Alot more sister missionaries are coming on missions since the announcement of age change.  I am so priveledged to be on a mission in these exciting time when the Lord needs every worthy young man and young women to preach his Gospel.  I know that this Gospel is true and by living it we can be blessed.  I love and miss you all.  Take care and have a great week. 

Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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