Monday, August 5, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

How are you guys doing?  How is everyone enjoying the last of their summer?  Well, I am doing Great here in Anthem doing the Lord's work.  The weather has been hot as usual but in the low 100s so it has not been that bad.  We had a pretty good week teaching this week.  We had a spiritually packed lesson with Joni this week on the Restoration using Jenga to explain how Christ established his church, it was lost through the great Apostasy, and restored through Joseph Smith.  We finally helped her to understand the need to be Baptized by the proper Authority.  We invited her to be baptized and she said she would when she can because of her health.  She knows the Gospel is true but we need to help her gain a Testimony of the Book of Mormon.  We also had 2 great lessons with Lea this week.  Our first lesson we taught her about the Christ Earthly Ministry, the Atonement and she was a little bit confused of why Christ had to suffer for us so we tried to explain but then it came to me that we need to teach the Plan of Salvation first then she will understand it better.  The 2nd lesson we had with her we taught her about how Christ established his church then it was lost but restored through Joseph Smith.  We are teaching her very simply and she is really starting to understand each principle.  I had a great exchange with Elder Okelberry in my area.  We mostly visited members and setting up appointments but after lunch we were heading out when we saw a family moving into the apartemnt complex and offered to help so we helped them.  They appreciated our service and hopefully we can go back and teach them the Gospel.  We had a great zone meeting this week with learning and teaching about Faith and helping our investigators to have Faith in Christ.  They also taught about Tightening up on our Obedience that is in the White handbook that our mission has not been doing as well as we could be.  We got some exciting news on Wednesday that our mission has been authorized by the Church Mission Department to be an ONLINE PROSELYTING MISSION so we are ALL excited to be able to use the internet to find, teach, contact, and share the Gospel with others online.  The zone leaders, assistants, and sister training leaders are going to start learning about it and teach the rest of the mission in our zone conferences later this month, so our mission will be all using online proselyting by the end of this month.  Everyone was excited at zone meeting to be able to have this wonderful tool to Proclaim the Gospel to all the world and be involved in the gathering of Israel.  At our training meeting followup on Thursday, President Taylor stressed about the importance of us as trainers to be an example to the new missionaries in Obedience.  Our mission has to tighten up on even the little things so that we can be Obedient when we do online Proselyting of going on Facebook so we can be focused on our work and not distracted with whats going on in the World.  President Taylor has asked that family and friends check out these links to help support us in the work and not distract us.
I am so privilege that I have an opportunity to use these wonderful tools to help Share the Gospel and help others Come unto Christ in these digital age.  We will be able to go on the internet for 1 hour each day and I am excited to see how much more effective it will be then knocking doors.  These are exciting times to be on a mission with everything that has happened in the past year.  The June 23 Broadcast was the beginning of fulfilling prophecies in Matthew 24:14 - Preaching the Gospel to all the World by using the Internet to reach People and Countries where people cannot hear the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know that this Gospel is true and it has been Restored through Joseph Smith.  Our Heavenly Father lives and loves us ALL.  Jesus is the Christ and he atoned for all of us so we can return to live with God.  Take care and have a great week. 

Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral  

PS:)  The picture with Me, Sister Murdock who is going home this coming transfer, and Elder Bartleson who were in the Same district In Phoenix north for 3 transfers.  Wonderful spiritual zone meeting with departing Testimonies by our zone leader Elder Kammissoko, Assistant to the President Elder Campbell and Sister Murdock.  Good luck to the 3 of them.

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