Monday, September 2, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

How are you guys doing?  How is everyone's Labor Day weekend going?  I had a great week here in Anthem - sharing the Gospel and helping others Come unto Christ.  The weather has been still hot in the 100's but on Friday it was pouring rain while we were out luckily we stopped by a potential investigator Cathy and talked to her for awhile.  We had a great lesson with her on her front porch on the Restoration. We had 2 great lessons with Lea on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Sabbath day.  On Saturday, we gave her a church tour and she loved it and felt the Spirit in the chapel, the member fellowship Sister Timmerman even took her to the Phoenix Temple site and to the Stake Center to see the Baptism font so she was spiritually fed in one day.  She is doing really great and we are just working with the Ward Council to help her to come to Church and partake of the sacrament.  The Bishop brought up an idea to have her in the Bishops office and hook up speakers so she could hear the talks because of her sensitivity to noise in the chapel would be to noisy.  So hopefully we can help her to come to church this Sunday.  We had a great zone conference on Tuesday with great teachings by increasing our Faith, understanding Principles instead of having rules, being Positive and get rid of negative thoughts, and always inviting everyone to Come unto Christ through ordinances.  The excitement of learning that we got trained on was online Proselyting.  We are now authorized to be on the internet to help others Come unto Christ.  Our main social media that we are using is Facebook.  Before we can use Facebook for proselyting we have to clean it up and make it missionary appropriate, which I have been doing this past week and just got cleared to use it to proselyte.  It is a great tool to find, teach, contact our investigators, members and anyone interested in learning about the Restored Gospel.  I had a great exchange with Elder Searle in his area which was nice to be in a truck and seeing the Dessert of Phoenix.  I had a great District Meeting on checking our progress in the 12 week training and how we can improve in the things we need improvement.  I also had my 3rd baptism interview with Mary, a nice older lady that is really excited to be baptized. That is one of the most spiritual moments of being a District Leader is interviewing investigators and hearing why they want to be baptized and the spirit confirming that they are ready to make their covenants with God.  We had a great Sabbath day with wonderful testimonies and great teaching lessons in Sunday School and Priesthood.  No one came to church but hopefully we can get some next week and we are focusing on finding new investigators because that is where missionary work all starts is first finding those that are prepared to hear the restored Gospel.  I love and miss you guys.  

Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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