Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

I had a great week in Anthem - Sharing the Gospel and helping others Come unto Christ.  The weather is still really nice and warm during the day.  We had a great week teaching our investigators about the Gospel.  We had a great lesson with a new investigator Julie and her daughter Lexie on "How to Begin Teaching and Teaching them about How the Gospel can bring them Closer as a Family and to our Heavenly Father".  They seem interested and met with the missionaries before when Julie's sister was taking the lessons.  We also had a great lesson with Joseph on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching him how he can be Forgiven of his Sins as he strengthens his Faith in Jesus Christ, Repent, be Baptized, and Receive the Holy Ghost.  He was worried that if he gets Baptized and makes mistakes that he cannot be forgiven.  We assured him that our life on earth is all about progression and becoming like God.  As long, he is sincerely living the Gospel by Enduring to the End and repenting he can be forgiven.  That is a wonderful gift of the Atonement that it is always there for us as we continuely improve and do better.  We also had some great spiritual lessons with Cathy this week regarding Heavenly Father's plan and how Heavenly Father wants us to have Eternal Joy.  She told us that she was moving to Phoenix and we were so bummed.  We helped her move out on Friday and a member helped her drive the Uhaul down to her new home and 6 elders in her new area helped her move in so everything went smoothly and the missionaries will continue to teach her.  We invited her to be Baptized.  She said she was thinking about it when she understands more and is able to commit in keeping the commandments.  She was sad that she cannot meet with us but we told her to continue to meet with the missionaries and they will help her prepare for Baptism and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost that she felt in our lessons in testifying to her that the Gospel is true.  I knew that the Lord was preparing her to receive the Gospel everytime we would see her on the front porch we would stop by to talk to her about the Gospel and give her pamphlets to read.  It was a great opportunity to plant the Seed of the Gospel with her and see the spirit work with her.  I had a great exchange this week with Elder Gapinski in my area.  We mostly visited with members and investigators throughout the day but in the evening we had a great lesson with Cathy.  On Saturday, we helped a non-member family move into our Ward and they enjoyed our service and they were happy to meet with us when they settled into their apartment.  I had a great District Meeting this week on the Book of Mormon and how it is so important in everyones conversion to know that the Gospel has been restored through the prophet - Joseph Smith and we continue to have a prophet that leads the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We had a great Sabbath Day with wonderful talks in sacrament.  Elder Cook is doing a great job learning everything that will help him take over the area in a few weeks and possibly train if called upon.  I am doing great in being diligent in the Lord's work for the remainder of the time that I have to serve our Heavenly Father's children here in Arizona.  Almost everytime we visit members they always ask me how much time I got left and when can we come over for dinner or for a lesson they ask that question before I leave.  I am a bit anxious about finishing my mission in a few weeks; but I know that my mission has prepared me for the rest of my life.  I testify that our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to return to live with him and our Families Forever.  Jesus is the Christ that atoned for our sins as we live his gospel.  The Book of Mormon is the Word of God and it can bring people to the truth of the restored Gospel.  Missionary work is the greatest work that we can do to help our brothers and sisters come unto our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I love and miss you all.  I know that Heavely Father is always there for us as we trust in him and seek his guidance through prayer.  Take care and until my last letter next week.  Have a wonderful week! 

Love for Eternity,
Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral  

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