Monday, October 14, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

I had a great week doing the Lord's work of Sharing his wonderful Gospel with all those that I meet.  The weather is really nice mostly in the 80's during the day and the nights are getting cold.  We had some great lessons this week.  We had a lesson with a new investigator that has been a potential investigator since I first got to Anthem.  We stopped by earlier this week to see if she has read the pamphlets we left with her and she had lots of questions so we scheduled a time to come back and teach her.  I was on exchanges but Elder Cook taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and again on exchanges with Elder Farnsworth we taught her about the Plan of Salvation.  The spirit was so strong as we taught her about how we go through trials to make us stronger and how Jesus Christ fullfilled the Atonement for all of our sins.  It was so great when we helped her to recognize what she was feeling is the Holy Ghost testifying to her the truthfulness of the Gospel.  We also had 2 great lessons with Joseph on the Restoration of the Gospel and how he can know it is true by reading the Book of Mormon and Praying about it.  We gave him a church tour and immediately when he entered the Chapel he said he felt calm.  We taught him about the Sacrament and how he can remember Jesus Christ by worshiping him on Sundays by coming to church.  I had 2 great exchanges this week.  On Wednesday, I was on exchanges with Elder Burgoyne in his area and we mostly did member visits having prayers and setting up lessons.  On Saturday, I was on exchanges with Elder Farnsworth in my area.  We had some powerful lessons with Ian reading the Book of Mormon and helping him to understand how he can receive revelation by diligently reading it daily.  We also had a wonderful lesson with Cathy and got to attend the adult session of the Stake Conference because the focus was on missionary work and missionaries were invited to attend.  There were some great talks from recent converts & returning active on how the Gospel blessed their lives.  President & Sister Taylor also gave great talks on members working with the missionaries and how in this digital age we can share the Gospel online.  President Taylor said that by February our mission will be 1 of 50 missions to be fully equipped with Ipads and Iphones for all missionary companionships.  On Sunday, we had Stake Conference that was transmitted over the internet to the Anthem Building.  It was working that well, it would play for 10 minutes then would have to buffer again to start playing.  Then an hour into the conference it stopped and the Presiding High Councilman told everyone if they wanted to watch the rest they would have to go to the Stake Center to listen to Elder Lesure an Area Seventy who would be the concluding speaker.  I am so happy that my sister - Nikki entered the Temple to receive her own endownments. I am so proud of her for making additional covenants with God that will help her in her life and into Eternity.  I hope it was a spiritual experience for her and all those who supported her.  That was my great week in the mission field Sharing the Gospel.  I cannot believe that I got a few weeks left to be a servent of Jesus Christ.  It is so great to see how this Gospel can truly bless peoples lives.  That was my great week.  Take care and have a great week.  I love and miss you all.  You are in my prayers Always. 

Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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