Monday, July 23, 2012

HOLA from Glendale, AZ to Everyone Especially in HAWAII!

Dear Family & Friends,

How are you all doing?  How's the summer going?  This week was a great week here in Glendale - Sharing the Gospel to our Heavenly Father's children that are waiting to Come unto Christ. We had some great lessons this week.  Rychelle Clark is doing great.  She has a great Spirit when we teach her and prepare her for her baptism this Saturday, July 28.  We are so excited for her to be baptized and become a member of Jesus Christ's church. We also had a great lesson with Awell on the Law of Tithing and Sabbath Day.  She also has a strong desire to follow our Savior and be Baptized to Receive the Holy Ghost to comfort her and guide her back towards our Heavenly Father. She was supposed to be baptized this Saturday, but she cannot because her boyfriend is living with her.  She is thinking about getting married soon so she can keep the Law of Chasity.  We also had a great lesson with John Philip, we watched the Restoration of the Gospel through Joseph Smith.  He is a very nice guy that is from Sudan, Africa. He loves learning about the Gospel, but he cannot come to church because he works on Sunday.  On Thursday, we had our Quarterly Zone Interviews with President Taylor.  We talked about our monthly Christlike Attribute: Obedience.  We talked about the importance of being obedient because we want to have blessings for us and our investigators, have the spirit with us, and most importantly because we love our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  We also watched the show 17 Miracles.  A great movie on the Trek Mormon Pioneers traveled to Salt Lake City.  We had a great ward social on Saturday to celebrate Pioneer Day.  John and another investigator Susan had a great time.  Susan has been investigating the church for over a year and cannot get baptized until she gives up coffee and lives the Word of Wisdom.  On Saturday there was a dust storm that made it pretty hard to see.  It quickly passed through as we were riding to the Ward Social party.  Sunday was a great Sabbath day.  We had 6 investigators that came to church.  This week we focused on visiting the prospective Elders and see how we can help them come to church and advance in the Priesthood. Well that was my week in the mission field.  Hope everyone is doing great.  Thank you to everyone that writes me letters.  I love hearing about how every ones doing and what is going on in your life.  Take Care.  My prayers are with you all.  I know that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us all and wants us to be happy and return to live with them in the Eternal Life.  I love the Book of Mormon and how it builds our Faith in our Savior Jesus Christ and through his Atonement we have Eternal Joy.

I love you all,
Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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