Monday, November 26, 2012


Dear Family and Friends,

How are you all doing? How was your Thanksgiving? Well, I had a great Thanksgiving and Birthday in the Arizona Phoenix Mission - Serving the Lord and helping other Come unto our Savior Jesus Christ.  The weather this week has been really nice again starting to get colder in the nights but the days are nice and warm.  We had a lot of Turkey last week.  We had 4 turkey dinners in 3 days, on Wednesday we had dinner with the Dobbs family that just started to come back to church.  Thursday we could only go out by appointment only so we had turkey dinner with the Mahers and then with the Vervado family right after so we were stuffed with turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pies.  On Tuesday, I was on exchanges with the district leader in their area with his companion Elder Severe who has been out for 2 months.  They cover the Southwest area of our mission so there area is huge.  We went to visit some members that live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by dessert with a 2-3 neighbor houses then you would not find another house for a few miles.  We had a great lesson with Andrea who we got to know her a little bit and taught her part of lesson 1 the Restoration.  We focused on teaching her about how families can be together forever since she had a sister that pasted away a few years ago.  It was a wonderful spiritual lesson to help comfort her and help strengthen her Faith in Jesus Christ and through him and our Heavenly Father's plan we can see our loved ones again.  Back to my area, we had a great week of visiting members and having prayers with them to bless them and get referrals of people who they know can benefit from a prayer.  I had a wonderful birthday yesterday - we had meetings from 8:45-9:20 am then another meeting from 9:30-10:20 am then church from 10 am-3 pm.  There were great talks on the sacrament and how it is the most sacred meeting that we go to partake of the sacrament to remember Jesus Christ and renew our covenants that we made with God.  It has the same cleansing power as Baptism to clean us from our sins and start a new week and always strive to become a be6tter follower of Jesus Christ.  Then we had a birthday dinner with the Carmicaul family whose son Brakens birthday is the same day as mine.  Sister Gazway in the Buckeye 1st ward was nice enough to make me a chocolate cake for my birthday which was very delicious.  So I had lots of food and sweet treats with Thanksgiving and my Birthday.  Then this morning I got a call from Elder Vaoga my last companion - that 5 people The Ledezma kids: Florena, Florissa, Florencio and the Armstrong Kids - Ben and Britney that I taught and prepared got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday.  That truly made my so happy to know that they got baptized.  Even though I did not witness their baptism and confirmation, it brought me joy to see the fruits of my labors that I helped them receive the Gospel and Come unto Christ and enjoy the blessing that come from entering the gate to eternal life and having the constant companion of the Holy Ghost to help them stay on the right path.  Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday gifts and cards.  I love and miss you all.  Take care and have a wonderful week. 

Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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