Monday, December 17, 2012


Dear Family and Friends,

How are you guys doing?  How's your holiday season going?  Well, I am doing great here in the mission field - Sharing the Gospel and helping others receive the Gospel.  It was a pretty crazy week with Elder Romrell finishing his mission and Transfers.  I did not get transferred, it was a mix up that I was on the transfer text.  My new companion is Elder Severe, he is from Wyoming and has been out for 3 months.  We are short on missionaries this transfer so we lost a companionship in our district and combined their wards with ours.  So for this transfer Elder Severe and myself cover 3 wards in Buckeye 1st, Sundance, and Estria Hills Wards - so we are quite busy and have to really plan our days effectively because we only have 1200 miles for the month.  Elder Severe and his last companion covered Estria Hills and Palo Verde but the other companionship in our district took Palo Verde Ward.  There was a bit of confusion of which wards we were going to cover but we figured it out.  Well despite our challenges we had cover an additional ward.  We had a great week doing missionary work.  We had a wonderful lesson with Allie Delgado on the Book of Mormon and going over the Articles of Faith.  She felt the spirit so strongly that she asked us if she could invite her mother to meet with us and we said sure.  It is so great to see people feel the spirit and have a burning desire to share the Gospel with others so they can have the joy and happiness that comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We also had a great lesson with the Hornberger's kids on remembering the true meaning of Christmas - celebrating the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  On Friday, we had a great Christmas party for Sundance Ward, Allie, the Hornberger's, and a few less actives came and had a great time.  Then on Saturday we had a Christmas party for Estria Hill, which had delicious food and a wonderful Christmas program.  Sunday was a long day for us covering 3 wards we had to go to the Eason building for Estria Hills sacrament at 8:30 am then we drive to the Sundance Building for Sundance sacrament at 10 am for gospel principles then all 3 meetings for Buckeye 1st ward at 12 pm.  Great Christmas talks with Allie, the Hornberger's kids came to  church for this was the 1st time since I have been here, and Katrina Miller in Estria Hills.  We also met with some new investigators Jared and Darlene which we got to know them and answer their questions about the church.  The weather is starting to get cold.  It rained for a few days this past week which was nice because we needed it.  Well that was my week in the mission field.  Hope everyone is having a great holiday season and sharing the great gift, our Heavenly Father gave us which is his only begotten son - Jesus Christ that atoned for each and everyone one of us so as we show our love to him and live his Gospel so we can have Eternal life.  I love and miss you all.  You are all in my prayers. 

Take Care Love,
Elder Lance Cabral

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