Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hola Familia y Amigos,

How are you guys doing?  I am doing great here in Buckeye serving the Lord and helping others Come unto Christ.  The weather has been really nice this past week in the 70's - it was weird because at the beginning of the week it was really cold but then it got nice and warm.  We had a good week teaching the Gospel and helping them receive the Gospel.  Maria White got baptized on Saturday and it was spiritually wonderful to see her follow the example of Jesus Christ and make that covenant with God.  She was so excited and happy after many years of missionaries teaching her the Gospel that she finally felt ready and had a desire to be Baptized.  No work is wasted as we Preach the Gospel because sometimes we are the ones planting the seeds, helping it grow, or harvesting it by seeing them walk into the waters of Baptism and be Baptized by someone who has that Priesthood Authority.  It was so great to see her get confirmed the Holy Ghost on Sunday and become a member of his church.  We had a new investigator Scott McBryan come to church and he enjoyed it.  The spirit was so strong and it was so great to see Maria's daughter, brother, and sister-in-law witness her Baptism.  We had a great lesson with Maria White on the Restoration of the Gospel focusing on how the Gospel blesses families for Eternity and how she can know it is true by reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.  We also had a great lesson with William a 9yr old on the Restoration using Jenga Blocks which he enjoyed, we set a date with him for February 16.  We set a date with the Hornburgers to be baptized on February 9.  Well another exciting and nervous experience is on Saturday evening, we just finished having dinner with a less active family and I got a call from President Taylor and I got so nervous because I knew what he was calling me for the Saturday before transfers.  He asked me if I would accept an assignment to TRAIN A NEW MISSIONARY and of course I accepted it.  So I will be in Buckeye for the next 3 months or 2 transfers.  Yesterday, I went to a trainer meeting and went over the 12 week program in training new missionaries in to the mission field.  It was a great meeting to hear President Taylor talk about how important it is to be a great trainer and teaching new missionaries.  We have to make sure that we lead by example and be obedient because a missionaries first companion has a big influence on a missionaries success throughout his mission and the rest of there lives.  Training is the most important assignment a missionary can receive.  I am so grateful to the Lord and President Taylor for their trust in giving me this Sacred assignment.  We will be getting another set of missionaries back to our district.  So I will be going back to covering 2 wards probably Buckeye 1st and Sundance.  Well, I look forward to transfers tomorrow and getting my new companion in the Arizona Phoenix Mission (APM) http://azphxmission.blogspot.com/  and hope that I can do the best to help him be a successful servant of Christ.  That was my great and exciting week in the mission field Sharing the Gospel to all those who have the desire & enjoy the blessing of the Gospel.  I love and miss you all.  My prayers are with you all.  Take care until next week have a fantastic week. 

Elder Lance Kuhi Cabral

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