Monday, January 7, 2013


Hello Family and Friends,

How are you all doing? How was your New Year's?  I am doing just great here in Buckeye - Serving the Lord and helping others Come unto Christ.  I had a great New Years.  We just mostly stayed at our home with the Maxwell's because we could not go out New Year's Day, by appointment only which we had a few in the evening.  We had a pretty good week teaching our investigators.  We had a great lesson with Allie on Baptism and Prayer.  We recommitted her to be baptized on January 19.  It was so great to hear that she told her mother that she is meeting with us and her mom is impressed about everything she is learning about the Gospel.  She even invited her to meet with us to learn more but she does not want to.  Her faith is growing so much and it was so wonderful to hear that she had the courage to tell her mom because that was a big concern.  When we committed her to be baptized on January 19, she felt that she is not ready so we taught her about Baptism and how it is only the gate to Eternal Life that we have to make that leap of Faith.  When we have a desire to Come unto Christ, we have to act upon and show our Heavenly Father that we want to return to live with him through keeping his commandments and being baptized and in return we will receive greater blessings like the Gift of the Holy Ghost as our constant companion to help us stay on the right path towards our Heavenly Father.  We also taught her about prayer and how our Heavenly Father can answer our prayers.  We committed her to pray to our Heavenly Father if she should be baptized on January 19 and our Heavenly Father will answer her through the Spirit.  We also had a great lesson with Maria on the Plan of Salvation and recommitted her to be baptized on January 19 as well.  We went over the baptism questions with her and it went great.  She just has to give up drinking coffee and she will be ready to enter the waters of Baptism.  We promised her blessings as she keeps the Word of Wisdom.  We also met with Mike and had a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation.  We also had a great lesson with the Baker Family on the Restoration of the Gospel.  It was a wonderful lesson for the first time.  We met with them because they had many questions and we kept jumping around teaching them different principles.  We kept it focus on the lesson and it really helped him understand the role of our Prophet and why it is important today that we have a prophet today that continues to lead and guide us back to our Heavenly Father.  We had a spiritually packed zone meeting on Friday that was focused on finding and different ways we can find those that the Lord is preparing to receive his Gospel.  It was so great to have a discussion with other missionaries in our zone and learn of things that are successful.  We all agreed that helping members invite their friends and families is effective in helping others because they have support that will help them and people are more likely to learn about the Gospel and be Baptized and stay active in the Gospel.  Well, we had a cool tracting experience this week.  We were tracting on a street when we got to this house and knocked this Spanish Lady, whom is a member that goes to the Spanish Branch - open the door and was so happy to see us.  She let us in and told us that she was feeling a little down and she prayed to our Heavenly Father to comfort her and then we showed up on her doorstep.  She could not speak much English so she had her son translate for her.  The spirit was so strong as we visited with her even though I could only understand a little of what she was saying in Spanish.  I could feel the spirit and felt so grateful that we followed the promptings of the Spirit to tract that street and to answer her prayer.  Well that was my wonderful week in the mission field - Sharing the Gospel and helping others feel our Heavenly Father's love for them. 

Elder Cabral

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